Thursday, 10 March 2016

Verb "have got" with Shrek

For sure, "Shrek" is one of the best known films for children and teenagers. A story of a green ogre who loves the solitude in his swamp, a funny donkey and a beautiful princess. 

Try my worksheet to present and practise "have got" in different kinds of sentences:

Would you like to have so green life as Shrek's family?
How many children has Shrek got?

Watch the video and check! While watching the video , write your own sentences about the film scene using "have got" .  Give your students a challenging task. Ask them to write as many sentences as they can while watching the two minutes video. All of them must be connected with Shrek and must contain the verb "have got".  Who is the winner?


  1. Hey. Can you change the title of the second column in your pdf worksheet, from interrogative
    (which is the same as the question form) into negative? :) and the same in the exercise below? x

    1. Hi, I've just changed them. Thank you very much for your power of observation! In fact I copied the charts from a website and I didn't notice the mistake.


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