Saturday, 23 April 2016

Irregular Verbs Challenge

Irregular verbs, we need to learn them by heart. If we don't know them, it's impossible to learn more advanced grammar structures.
As students already learnt elementary tenses, they know about three forms:
1. basic form - present smple,
2. II form  - past simple,
3. III form - past participle ( used in Perfect Tenses or passive voice)

Here you can find the list of irregular verbs ---> CHECK  ( for students from Poland mainly)

Maybe you'll like this form of learning:
I remember how I was struggling with the long list of verbs, and I can imagine it's not easy to memorise words without any thematic groups. That's why, I'd like to show you how to learn irregular verbs through interactive games and quizes:

Firstly I've created QUIZLET for my Polish students. But try others quizes ---> CHECK 

And my Prezi presentation: WATCH

Interactive and competitive games you can find HERE  and HERE ! Great fun!

British Council has also some videos presenting irregular verbs in context ---> CHECK

Hangman Game ---> CHECK

I can also recommend Macmillan Game --> click in the picture below

All those games are ready to use, both individually or with the whole class! Have fun!

Irregular verbs RAP by (Fluency MC Jason R. Levine) you can listen to here:

More grammar lessons:
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