Saturday, 9 April 2016

The Colour of Your Life

Eurovision Song Contest is organised every year in a different country - the winner from the previous year. This year it is going to be in Stockholm (Sweden).
MichaŁ Szpak is the contestant from Poland with the song "The colour of your life".

For me, it's really pleasant song but listen by yourself.

Give your students worksheet to fill in missing words while listenning:
What do you think of the song?

Here you can watch Michael's first interview in English:


  1. I love lessons with songs, thanks! But would it be possible to get the worksheet without the red background? It takes too much ink while printing :(

    1. I've just uploaded the worksheet without background:) You can also change settings of printing into black and white version. This is what I usually do when I print something for the whole class!

    2. Thank you :) I do the same but the red color is printed in black or grey and it still takes a lot of ink, that's why I prefer worksheets without any background :)

  2. Nice work :-)
    But..... shouldn't the line go like this: All these things are just empty desire ?


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