Thursday, 5 May 2016

Speaking Jar

At the very beginning of every course students learn mostly new vocabulary and grammar structures. They do a lot of listening and reading. They start writing words and sentences. The ability of speaking in a foreign language is usually limited to repeating words or phrases after the teacher.
How to encourage your students to start thinking in a foreign language and express what they think?
I use a simple jar ( can be a box) with question cards. They are usually common, everyday life topic-based questions.

Print cards with questions, cut them, fold them and put into a jar. Your students draw lots and answer the question.

It's an idea that works with students that are shy and not very fluent. They can try and improve their speaking skills. 
And this is my SPEAKING JAR:)

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  1. Very the idea! I'll try with my students!

  2. Cool idea! I do a similar thing for vicab revision. In te jar/box I put papers where I had written an English word on one side, and the translation on the other side. The students should pull out a paper, and whatever side they look at, they should provide the word from the other side. :) it's good for practicing new vocab and revising the old.

  3. Thank you for sharing such a nice idea!!!!

  4. Thanks, Ann! I think I will repost it in my blog! ))

  5. This is an excellent idea! Thanks for sharing, I'll put it in pranctice.

  6. Perfect! I searched for something unique for conversation classes and I found your site. I'm really grateful. Thank you for sharing such a great idea!


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