Sunday, 4 December 2016

Perfect Christmas

Perfect Christmas  is a title of the song by S Club 7. It presents nice and easy material to work with teenagers about falling in love at Christmas.
Students listen to the song or watch the video. You can ask them few questions :
What's the most important present at Christmas in the song?
What do you dream of under your Christmas tree?
Do you agree with this quote:

Listen or watch again and try to fill in missing words in the worksheet.
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  1. Catchy song :D I'm sure the children will enjoy it, I did! I remember when I was studying English, using a song to learn was the BEST for me. Now, when I teach I can feel my student's enthusiasm whenever a song is playing :D Thanks AnnaQ

    1. Thank you Intan. I totalny agree that using songs in the learning process is important. And songs make learning memorable­čśŐ

  2. Thanks very much for sharing wonderful content. For lovely gift for christmas .


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