Sunday, 18 December 2016

Speaking Exam Training- Topic: CHRISTMAS

In Poland students of Secondary Schools take an English exam when they are on the last year.
The exam called MATURA consists of written form and speaking exam.
Speaking exam is based on conversation, describing pictures, negotiating and giving justification for students' choice. I've prepared task based on the visuals with additional questions. They are in 5 sets and they are connected with the topic of Christmas.

You can try with your students. Ready task cards you can find here:

You don't need to print the cards. I recommend to use your PC and projector.

I wish you all :

M e r r y    C h r i s t m a s !!!


  1. Super materiały, w trzecim zestawie w trzecim zdaniu jest błąd, powinno być ,tell how you spent your last christmas, a tak poza tym to wszystko super;)

    1. Dzięki, już poprawione! Zapraszam do korzystania:)


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