About me

I'm Anna and I'm an English teacher at school, private lessons and I train students before exams.
I create lessons based on authentic materials like songs, cartoons, films, books. In my opinion such lessons can be an alternative to cousebooks lessons.

All worksheets and materials I upload on this site I firstly use with my own students.

Welcome to my website, where I share my ideas for lessons.

My favourite writer is an Irish George Bernard Shaw who said :


  1. Hello Ann. I totally agree with the quote, so imagine, desire and create what you will, because the things you create inspire others to imagine, to create and to will ;)

    1. Thank you very much for nice words. I believe and I hope it is really true about creating and being what you create. Your teaching materials are also extremely inspiring for me.

  2. Hi Ann! I really liked the song so, firstly, thanks for that. I'll keep visiting your site to seek inspiration. That's just great that you write about English lessons in English. Good job!


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